How To Write A Cover Letter

Cover Letter Examples

Though most people only have any thoughts about how to write a cover letter for short periods of time - say, for example, when they are applying for a new job - one of the quickest ways to get up to speed is to study a few cover letter examples.

Here are a few for your pleasure and benefit:

Job Application Cover Letter Examples

March 2 2008

Jiminy Jobs
Random Products
123 Fake Street
Honolulu, MI 12345

Dear Mr. Jobs:

It was not so long ago that I finished up a blue widget promotion with a sales company in Southern Alabama where I held the position of Grand Vizer. I am currently seeking more opportunities to do the same kind of work for Random Products. My experience and background will no doubt make me a valuable part of your company in a short period of time.

I have managed research and development projects, participated in environmental impact studies and asthetic arrangements for a widget emporium. I accepted the responsibility of producing an assembly line flow plan for a new blue widget factory. First, I took stock of the resources available, analysed the production patterns of existing blue widget manufacturers, and wrote a ninety-seven page opus exposing the methods in which current production standards could be improved. My skills in mathematics are unparalled and I am quite punctual, not to mention hard working and focused. If I had the chance to fulfill an assignment, I can come up with a plan to meet its requirements

I am intensely interested in becoming part of your company after reading your literature and a feature in the Making Cool Stuff Times about your new and improved blue widget line.  You can reach me at the address and telephone number below.  In eleven days, I will call your office to inquire about my application status. I look forward to an interview.


(Signature Here)

Resume Master
12345 Clown Avenue
Tempe, MI 66666
(555) 555-5555