How To Write A Cover Letter

Cover Letter Tips

1. Use a headline.  The best way to make your resume stand head and shoulders above the rest is to make it jump out visually from the rest.  Now, using laser orange paper is just plain tacky, but if you have a big headline that says something like:

Ten Reasons Why [Your Name Here] Is The Most Qualified [Position] For [Company Name]

You will get noticed, your cover letter will be read, and your resume reviewed.

2. Always address your cover letter to the person who will be reading it.  Personalization goes a long way.  If you don't know who'll be reading it, do your research.  Call the front desk and just ask!

3. Don't pretend to be smarter than you actually are by using big and fancy words.  Write directly and with a vocabulary that anyone could reasonably understand.

4. Edit repeatedly.  Get your message across in as few words as possible.  What you say in your cover letter matters a million times more than how you say it.

5. Include your contact information as well as when you intend to follow up.

6. Print and sign your name.  It's a bit obvious, isn't it? But it's one of the most common mistakes people make.

7. Be proactive and ask for the interview.  Don't just assume they'll call you.  You have to appear interested and ambitious.

Good luck applying these cover letter tips and getting the job you're after.